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  Goals and objectives of R.F.O.A.
The situation of Romanian forest
The forest in Europe:
The percentage of private forest from total forest fund

  Goals and objectives of R.F.O.A.
R.F.O.A. represents its members at national and international level, regarding the recognition of the rights of restitution of all the forests and other areas of vegetation, of the lakes and mountain empties, the buildings and land for silvicultural administration and other goods, which were confiscated abusively by the comunist regime from Romania.

The "true owners" which R.F.O.A. supports are the:
  1. juridical owners like:
    • "composesorate"; "obsti de razesi"; "osti motesti"; "obsti de cumparare" which all are traditional forms of ownership in common
    • Cultural institutions, charity institutions, churches, monasteries, schools
    • Forest of the villages
  2. physical persons who are owners and others
R.F.O.A. main goal is the entire restitution of the forests that were confiscated by
the comunist regime.

Regarding the juridical persons (which were reffered above) R.F.O.A. demands the restitution of the ENTIRE confiscated surface and not the restitution after the number of his members (or shareholders) which limits the restitution up to 10 ha per member (person). This kind of restitution (on number of members) goes in conflict with the definitive civil sentences of the juridical persons and with the funduary documents of this entities.

The former Constitution from 1991 and the New Constitution from 2003 guaranties the right for inheritance (so you have to inherit all what has belonging to your parents or grandparents and not just parts) and the Restitution Laws (Law 18/1991; Law 69/1997 and Law 1/2000) dispose the restitution of the entire surface to the juridical persons.

R.F.O.A. asks in the name of every forest owner that the funciary Laws has to be put in fact with no delaying and also the recognition of the whole rights of the landowners are also pre-requisites for Romania to become member of E.U.
On the same time R.F.O.A. demands in the name of the Law 1/2000 that the Romania state has also to prove trough documents his right of beeing owner on different surfaces. The fact is that after the statistic of 1930 and later statistics the Romanian state was owner of just 28% of the forest surface, and not almost 70% as it is now.

  The situation of the Romanian forest
  Statistics and forest history before 1948:
According to the study "History of Romanian Forest" written by prof. Dr. C. C. Giurescu in 1976 the forest surface of Romania was divided as follows:

Property type

Total surface
Percentage of total
Entire forest surface of Romania 6,486,471 100
Forests belonging to the state 1,942,000 29.43
Forests of the "Royal Crown" 66,492 1.03
Villages and Counties forests 681,197 10.50
Churches and monastiries 467,605 7.21
"Eforii" and Foundations 125,628 1.94
"Composesorate" 655,707 10.11
"Moșneni, răzeși" 450,566 6.95
Private persons and Anonymous Societies 2,097,276 32.33

In 1928 the forest surface was 40% from the Romanian teritory (almost 9.700.000 ha) and until 1920 there were masive cuttings until the Silviculturaly Code was put in power from ower ancestors. The population was educated to respect the forest and the forest administration was done from forest departments (some belonging to state and other private).
Between 1948 - 1989 the annual quota of cutting forest was exceeded in some contantly so in this periode there were cutted in excess 50.000.000 mc and the forest accesibility was not solved (nowadays we have 2.000.000 ha inaccessible forests - almost 30%).

  The forest in Europe:
The percentage of private forest from total forest fund

Total forest fund
(thousands ha)
Private forest
AUSTRIA 3.877 82
DENMARK 466 73
FINLAND 23.373 70
FRANCE 14.155 74
GERMANY 10.735 42
ITALIY 8.550 60
NORWAY 9.565 83
HOLLAND 334 52
PORTUGAL 3.102 91
SPAIN 25.622 70
SWEDEN 28.015 70




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